A hearty hello to all of you,

we’re raising money for a surgery which our daughter Helena will have to suffer soon. There is a quite new method, the dynamic scoliosis surgery, which is much better and preserves the quality of life as well as the mobility of the patient. This surgery is suitable for our daughter as her spinal column is still movable.

The conventional surgery would lead to a full stiffening of the spine. This surgery would cost about 18000 € which would be fully covered by the health insurance. But this conventional, old method would lead to a dramatical immobility of our daughter’s spine due to the massive stiffening. The mobility of her spine would be completely restricted. Helena suffers from a double scoliosis, which would have to be screwed from top to bottom. In addition, a lot of patients report that a full stiffening causes considerable further problems shortly after the surgery, such as pain, spinal disc problems and many more. Furthermore, this full stiffening (entire back) would mean that Helena would be gravely in need of care. At the age of 13 already, she would be deprived of a normal social life. Many activities and a normal life would no longer be possible.

Helena loves riding her horse, playing basketball and football and is also very active in other areas. That would change for the worse, of course. We want to prevent that under all circumstances.

The costs of the new method, the dynamic surgery, amount to 47000 €. This method would allow Helena to keep her mobility and to recover within a short time. These costs are, however, not covered by the health insurance company. Although this new method has been proven to be better, the health insurance company refuses this method and clearly rejects the assumption of the costs. Their argument is: „The New Examination and Treatment Method (NUB method), has not been completed and there are no long-term studies yet.“ But the performance of long-term studies requires that a specific method is applied, doesn’t it? The first dynamic surgery took place 10 years ago and has been successfully applied since then.

So, the idea of the health insurance company is to screw Helena’s spinal column completely- health insurance companies in Germany – No, thank you!

The surgery date will be the 29.08.2019. Three weeks before this date, we’ll have to coordinate the type of the surgery with the hospital.

The surgery cannot be postponed any further, because even now Helena has big problems due to the massive scoliosis. A postponement would cause further problems such as respiratory problems, heart problems and problems regarding other internal organs.

Many thanks to all who support us!

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